Tuesday, 31 July 2018



Today we are living in great times where our technology allows us to connect with others and receive information with a simple search or phone call. Practically any subject that interests you is freely available and open for further discussions with diverse personalities from all around the world. This opens up a creative playground where our talents and voices can be shared effortlessly, receive praise and helpful guidance or criticism (apart from the trolls). So if there is something you want to share with the world or like minded people there really is no excuse why you haven't done so.

So Far So Good....

Here is the problem, FOCUS. All the greatness i mentioned about technology is also the biggest contribution as to the reasons why you haven't shared your talents with the world (apart from plain laziness) Come on be honest, raise your hand if you have ever been about to do something but a 'quick' check on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, porn, whatever it may be has distracted you and sent you off in a total different direction? (i'm sure its most of us). Now social media cannot be blamed for our lack of focus, that's our fault, we need to exercise our will power to stay focused on our goals at those times when we have made time to be productive and creative. Social media is a great tool to connect with like minded individuals, receive further knowledge and understanding on our chosen subjects and yes to chill out. Just realize when you've strayed off track and focus back on your task.

Tick Tock....

Time is a funny thing. When we're having fun an hour can seem like 10 minutes, when we're bored, stressed or in a bad situation an hour can feel like forever. Its all perspective and when you stop and really think about our time left in this life time (it could be tomorrow, lets hope not), how many hours we waste away on meaningless 'time wasters' when we could be working at what we love and perhaps one day share it with the world. What have you got to lose? Do not fear failure, it is better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all. You can not fail anyway, that's the beauty when you do what you love. Your passion is where your greatest energy flows, when your doing it for you or others and not money then you pour creativity, excitement and joy into your work and the world will see that.


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