Friday, 29 June 2018


I Was Just Thinking That....

What is a thought? We have all sorts of thoughts throughout the day but what are they? We cannot see them with our physical eyes, we cannot grab hold of them with our hands yet they are real and govern everything we do in our lives whether its deciding what clothes to wear, asking your boss for a pay rise or choosing to upload a picture on facebook of your poor attempt at a roast dinner only to then sit depressed over the lack of 'likes' received, (you know who you are people). We have conscious thoughts and unconscious thoughts running all day unless we sleep of course. During the day our unconscious mind is performing many complex activities without our conscious awareness. Take the daily act of walking, for most people this is a simple process but you do not think i need to put my right foot forward followed by my left all the while remembering to breath, make sure your heart is still pumping blood through your veins, and interpret the sounds you hear and the visuals you see. If this was the case we would not be able to function let alone concentrate and calculate (that most fundamental question on everybody's mind) how much wood a woodchuck would chuck IF a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These....

Now here is something to contemplate. Thoughts directed in our waking lives can be powerful depending on what your putting your mind to like grandmaster chess players or mathematicians but think about our minds power when asleep. Whilst asleep our thoughts/minds create whole worlds seemingly effortlessly which we can explore. Most of our dreams are uncontrolled and we go along for the ride but we can practice to access this inner world and become gods of our own creations via lucid dreaming and further still out of body experiences/astral projection. When we dream our bodies are in paralysis which is a good thing as we do not want our physical bodies enacting our dream content. So, it would seem when asleep our thoughts can create anything we choose but in the physical they do not have such power. Naturally there are more advanced powerful minds that can influence and will more than others (not quite to the level of Neo in the Matrix...yet) especially those that focus on the inner workings of the mind. We need more deep thinkers, mathematicians and anyone who thinks uploading roast dinner pics to facebook in need of praise from others is slightly retarded.

Red Pill, Blue Pill.....or the Sugar Pill?

How is it that a patient could be given a simple sugar pill in place of medication yet still receive benefits close to and even surpassing that of the medication millions of people take daily full of unwanted side effects as an added bonus? Well the placebo effect has been observed and recorded for a long time now and it would seem that its effects are pretty obvious and real especially to the pharmaceutical companies who would much like to continue making money off all the sick puppies out there. Now don't get me wrong im not fully against medication, if a migraine sufferer who is practically incapacitated can gulp down a pill and relieve themselves shortly after then that's great but who's getting to the actual causes of these problems. Seems to me the current state is if such and such comes back take more medication, rinse and repeat.
Either way we look at this it shows the power of the mind and its effects on the body/matter and that our conscious minds are limited to the level of information that our 'unconscious' or 'super mind' has access to. Perhaps this all ties in with the fact that the unconscious mind can be programmed to take on tasks for us such as in self-hypnosis/autosuggestion and the Placebo effect. Our scientists need to be focusing more on minds, consciousness and the power of our thoughts instead of trying to find the answers in matter.


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